Apple's iPhone 6, which was reportedly susceptible to bends, has got one resiliency party trick to boast about.

A new video demonstrates how the iPhone 6 functions normally, after it was dipped in a tub filled with hot ice (Sodium Acetate).

The smartphone's display remained active when it was dipped into the container, face first.

Check out the video below:

Upon dropping the device, hot ice formed an ice-cream like outer coating around the handset. The coating was initially soft, but later hardened when it was left in the open for approximately 10 minutes.

The demonstrator in the video clip then flipped the container to show that the smartphone's display was intact.

The display did not react to the sodium acetate coating that was formed on the screen.

After the iPhone unit is pulled out (by cutting through the hot ice coating with a knife) from the container, the handset worked normally and did not show signs of any blemish or defect in operation.

The iPhone's outer body had heated up substantially due to the effect of hot ice.

The handset's outer body also remained in its original condition, as per the video. There were no adverse effects on the iPhone's body, such as brittleness after getting exposed to extreme heat.

[via: Youtube/TechRax]