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Arrow's season 3 episode 12 promo teases the return of Oliver Queen Arrow/The CW

After the mid-season finale, where Ra's al Ghul stabs the Green Arrow, and pushes him down the Nanda Parbat, fans will finally get a glimpse of Oliver Queen all suited up to win back his city from a notorious villain.

Episode 12 is titled, Uprising, and will air next Wednesday, 4 February, 2015.

In the last episode titled, Midnight City, Team Arrow tries to take care of business as Brick goes on a killing spree, while Laurel dons the Black Canary mask, much to the disapproval of Roy and Diggle.

Laurel decides to pick up where Sara left off and goes out into the night protecting women from the evil gangs taking over the city. However, Laurel lacks both training and discipline, as pointed out by Diggle and Roy.

This week's episode also established that Brick is much more of a threat, with him killing an alderman in cold blood, holding the entire Starling City hostage, and fighting off Team Arrow's finest, Roy (Arsenal) and Laurel (black Canary).

Back at the Nanda Parbat, Oliver and Tatsu ask Maseo not to go back to the League of Assassins, as it is dangerous for him. Tatsu was asked to bring back Oliver's dead body, but instead heals him.

Tatsu asks Maseo to return to Starling City with Oliver, but he refuses, slashes his own neck and states that he will tell Ra's that Oliver did it during his escape, and leaves.

New promo details

A new promo released by the CW shows Oliver Queen telling Tatsu, "I can't stay any longer."

She questions, "Are you trying to kill yourself?"

Then the video says, "homecoming," and cuts to the scene of the uprising in the glades in Starling City.

Tatsu in the promo states, "To defeat this man, you have to think like him," and the last scene, shows Oliver all suited up and firing arrows to save his city from Brick's men.

Watch the promo here: