Durex branded condoms - which appear to be fake - have been recalled in Australia because theymay have serious flaws such as holes in the latex.

The condoms were originally sold at a discount on Groupon Australia, a report in the Independent said.

The recall last week started last week, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), warning consumers that the counterfeit condoms "may not prevent pregnancy or protect users from sexually transmitted diseases".

According to the report, the ACCC advised consumers to "immediately destroy and dispose of the products". Groupon Australia said the condoms could be returned for a full refund.

The fake condoms were sold between 12 March and 10 April this year, and the Australian Department of Health has also advised healthcare professionals to be aware of the issue and to advise patients accordingly.

Counterfeiting is a serious problem for condom manufacturers, with cheap fakes being produced in China.

A spokesman for Groupon Australia told Mashable Australia: "Customers are our utmost priority at Groupon and we take their health and safety very seriously. All customers who purchased the counterfeit products have been pro-actively contacted by Groupon notifying them of the recall and have been advised to discontinue use immediately, dispose or return the goods, and seek professional medical advice if they have concerns about their health."