Singer Melanie Brown is not giving in to her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte's outlandish spousal support demands as their divorce drama continues in the court. In latest legal documents, Mel B shut down the 42-year-old's requests for monthly allowance that include food, clothing, and rent.

The former Spice Girl rejected her producer husband's "wish list" dubbed a pipe dream, according to TMZ. Among the requests were monthly food and groceries allowance of $4,300 and another $2000 for clothes every month.

However, the songstress wasn't in agreement with her ex's monetary requests and shut them down claiming various objections.

When it comes to clothing, for instance, the singer reportedly pointed out that Belafonte had taken his full wardrobe while moving out of their house.

And the same applies to the request of $11,000 a month for housing – which as per the singer is not needed as Belafonte is staying with friends. Not just that, Mel B has even refused to pay an "exorbitant" $750 per month for her soon-to-be ex's phone bills.

This comes after the film producer filed court documents suggesting that he is homeless and broke following his marriage ordeal. According to reports, Belafonte had been sleeping on friends' sofas after being kicked out of the family home and he hoped to claim a monthly spousal support to live up to his old lifestyle.

"We lived a very comfortable, upper-class lifestyle. Money was never an obstacle," he had claimed earlier. Unfortunately, his requests have failed to move Mel B, who as per TMZ, suggests that Belafonte "should get a job at a different restaurant" if he is not making enough money from his current job at Serafina.

Belafonte and Mel B are co-owners of the eatery, as per the report.

The X Factor judge sought a restraining order against her ex – listing a catalogue of physical abuse and other complaints – as she filed for divorce ending her 10-year marriage in March.