Tech pioneer and king of the geeks Bill Gates has revealed to the world what smartphone is stashed in his pocket – and it might surprise you.

Hold onto your monocles everybody, because in an interview with Fox News the Microsoft founder appears to have turned against his own company's Windows Phone and rebelled against the popular choice of an iPhone. The smartphone he uses is in fact Android – an OS created by rival company, Google.

Gates said he has switched to Android (he didn't reveal what from) and said "no, no iPhone" when probed by the Fox presenter whether he runs a second handset. While showing fondness for Android, Gates did add that his device runs "a lot of Microsoft software".

It was not mentioned which Android handset Gates owns but Microsoft stores do sell Samsung Galaxy S8 devices.

Considering Microsoft has all but given up the mobile game after selling Nokia in 2013 and ending support for Windows Phone OS in July 2017, there's no surprise here. But still refusing to get on-board the Apple cart shows that Gates is still digging his heels in after his wife Melinda claimed back in 2010 the family were banned from owning Apple products. Gates also said in the Fox interview he only uses Windows-based PCs.

This sits in contrast to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, however, who has publicly shown his use of an iPhone.

Perhaps even the world's richest man heard about the price of the £1,000 iPhone X handset and decided to go the Android option.

Or, more likely, it might just be the case that, like Microsoft, Android is more of a customisable piece of software that has a much larger global market share than Apple's iOS and is also supported by numerous of PC-making tech companies. It makes sense therefore to choose Android over Apple's walled garden iOS.

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