Apple's latest operating system, iOS 11, is finally here. Apart from bringing with it an buffet of new features iPhone and iPad owners can feast on, the update will also cause many apps to stop working.

The under-the-hood refresh gives smartphones a revived look and feel and those who install it will be able to take advantage of the likes of new emojis, all new augmented reality ARKit, a drag and drop system and snazzy new control centre.

However, before you hit the update button it's worth warning that many apps could cease to function as iOS 11 will not be compatible with 32-bit apps, which so many were developed as.

Popular favourites such as Flappy Bird and Flight Control, for instance, are both no longer playable unless they are re-launched in 64-bit.

How do I check iOS 11 compatible apps?

There is a very easy way to find out which of your favourite apps will continue to work after the install.

Go to Settings>General>About>Applications and users will see a list of apps that won't be compatible unless an update is created. It might make for sad reading for some, but if you have no apps in the list then you're in luck.

Those apps that aren't compatible won't be deleted from existence after the install, however they will not launch if you attempt to open them.

iOS 11 is loaded with new features that Apple iPhone and iPad owners have been excitedly getting to grips with since it was rolled out on 19 September. IBTimes UK has uncovered some of its best hidden tricks including a one-handed keyboard and a method to record whatever is on the screen of the smartphone. You can check out the rest here.

iOS 11 was announced alongside the all-new iPhone X and refreshed iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at Apple's anticipated 12 September event, which was held at the Steve Jobs Theatre for the very first time.