Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite could be heading to PS4 and Xbox One if a retail listing is to be believed. According to a South African online retailer "The Bioshock Collection" will be released this coming November.

Raru's listing for the title offers no more information than we've already mentioned, not even saying Bioshock games would feature in the collection. The 2007 original is a given, and it seem likely that Irrational Games' follow-up Bioshock Infinite would feature as well. The other game in the series, Bioshock 2, which was developed by 2K Marin, is less certain but would still be likely.

All DLC released for the games would be expected to be included as well, making the Collection – should it actually exist – a pretty enticing prospect for fans, especially if they are extensive remakes of the games.

Bioshock Infinite was released in 2013 and a year later Irrational Games was shut down, with founder Ken Levine going on to form his own smaller studio with various team members. The Bioshock IP remains with publisher 2K Games, who in 2014 were quick to state their intention to continue making games in the series.

IBTimes UK contacted 2K Games for comment but a spokesperson said they "do not respond to rumours or speculation".

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