Konami has released a 10-minute video showing off gameplay from Metal Gear Online 3, the traditional online multiplayer portion of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. In the video, we get a look at the game's Bounty Hunter mode in action and witness a big upset.

MGO3 was announced in the summer of 2013 and was meant to be released as part The Phantom Pain on 1 September. But in early August, Konami announced a delay until 6 October on consoles and sometime in January 2016 for the PC version. When it does arrive, it will be a free update for all existing Metal Gear Solid 5 players.

In the video below, we are briefly shown MGO's character creation suite, which is the same as at the start of Metal Gear Solid 5 but now includes the ability to create female characters, which was not available before due to story reasons.

Before we get to the bulk of the video, which shows off the Bounty Hunter mode, we are given a run down of the game's three character classes. Infiltrators focus on stealth gameplay, close quarters combat and can use active camo (invisibility), while heavily armed Enforcers offer the opposite style of gameplay, focusing on combat. Scouts occupy a middle ground and can tag enemies for all their teammates to see. They are also in possession of a sniper rifle.

Bounty Hunter mode, meanwhile, is a basic mode on the surface, tasking players with eliminating as many players as possible and reducing their tickets. If a player is doing well, taking out a succession of enemy players, a bounty seen over their heads increases. If a player is able to take a player with a high bounty down without killing them and then use the Fulton delivery system to extract them from the game, their bounty will be added to their team's tickets, which can swing the course of a match.

In the demo, we see the tide of a match turn in the dying seconds as a player is able to Fulton an enemy with a bounty of 17. This may well prove frustrating in the final game but undoubtedly it will keep most games tense until the very end.

Being a Hideo Kojima game, there is also a fair amount of lunacy in some of the features. One item we see being used is a "plush snare", a cuddly toy of The Phantom Pain buddy Diamond Dog, which if spotted by a player renders them immobile for a set amount of time due to its cuteness. Wormholes can also be used to transport players across a map to a buddy player.

Metal Gear Online 3 will launch for free on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 6 October and on PC in January 2016.

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