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BlackBerry OS leaked for BlackBerry Passport BlackBerry

A new BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 version has leaked for the flagship BlackBerry Passport smartphone.

Bearing OS version and based on software release, the leaked OS has fixes for the screen flickering issue that BlackBerry Passport is experiencing, reports CrackBerry.

This bug, which causes the screen to flicker off and on randomly, was present in the previous leaked OS 10.3.1 firmware. Several users have confirmed that even the official software upgrade has this bug.

"So, 10.3.1 is out, and many of you will notice the Passport screen flickering on some apps, mainly native apps," states a CrackBerry forum member.

BlackBerry OS
Screenshot of leaked BlackBerry OS version OS CrackBerry

BlackBerry has acknowledged this issue. Michael Clewley, the BlackBerry product manager announced that the update is being held temporarily and the company might release a fix for the issue, which is currently under testing.

There is a workaround that you could use to try and resolve the issue temporarily, until BlackBerry officially releases a fix. Performing a daily reset seems to have diminished the amount of flickering happening currently.

To re-post separately, Update is being held temporarily until we have an issues review due to some of the negativity.

— Michael Clewley (@MichaelClewley) February 23, 2015

To re-post separately, we may have a fix for the Passport flickering issue and are currently testing this.

— Michael Clewley (@MichaelClewley) February 23, 2015

As a workaround for the Passport flickering issue we've seen a daily reset reduce the amount it happens.

— Michael Clewley (@MichaelClewley) February 23, 2015

Otherwise, you can try out the leaked OS if you cannot wait for BlackBerry. The download link for the leaked firmware is now available.

Download link:

OS version [Mega]

or, OS version [Bitcasa]

Check out the following guide to install the leaked firmware using Sachesi.

  • Download Sachesi
  • Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable
  • Open Sachesi and go to install tab and hit the install folder box
  • Select the extracted firmware files
  • Let it install. Wait until it installs all 70

Note: If you get warning messages, check your BlackBerry device model number. The leaked OS is meant for Passport only.

Also, remember that your device should have OS version 2243 or, 2267 installed. After the installation process is completed, reboot your phone.