President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that From Software's hugely successful action RPG Bloodborne is getting an expansion, and that we can expect more information later this year.

Yoshida made the announcement on Twitter, leading many to believe we'll hear more either at E3 next month or Gamescom in August as Sony look to build on the success of their PS4 exclusive Dark Souls follow-up.

From Software are no strangers to downloadable content, and no strangers to giving that content memorably Souls-esque names. Artorias of the Abyss and Crown of the Sunken King were two of the names given to Souls DLC, while the sequel's recent PS4 and Xbox One remaster was called Scholar of the First Sin. You get the idea.

To celebrate the impending DLC we dusted off our Thesaurus to have a crack at guessing what the first Bloodborne expansion might be titled...

  • Kiln of Despair
  • Atrium of Souls
  • Decay of The Winter Sun
  • The Blood Oath Engine
  • Griffin of Puss
  • The Undead Sewer
  • Vestibule of Thorns
  • The Grime of Lost Fingers
  • Citadel of Fruitless Births
  • Festival of Rot
  • Cathedral of Sin
  • The Desolate Shaft
  • Rapier of the Sun-Drenched Queen
  • Amulet of Gangrenous Wounds
  • Thirst of the Damned
  • The Bovril Proxy
  • Circus of Festering Hope
  • Swamp of Foetuses
  • The Court of Stubbed-Toes
  • Dagger of Infertility
  • Convent of Muddy Corpses
  • Monastery of Dwindling Smoke
  • The Bilious Throne

You can have those for free From Software...