Salman Khan
Salman Khan turns 51 on 27 December, 2016 STR/AFP/Getty Images

Salman Khan is considered one of Bollywood's biggest super stars, and has over the years created a cinematic style that has endeared him to Hindi film audiences. His penchant for roles that exude high octane drama and action, teamed with a personality that is relatable to the every-day Indian, has led him to become the industry's highest paid actor, earning an average of Rs60 crore ($8.8m, £7.1m) per film.

Referred to by Indian media as the "Tiger of Bollywood" and by his fans as "bhai" (brother), Salman's popularity has made him a sure bet when it comes to the success of a film. In 2016 alone, the actor has gone on to take up the top spot in Forbes' top earning Indian entertainers and ranked 14<sup>th on the magazine's international list of highest paid actors.

His only film release for this year, Sultan went on gross over Rs584 crores ($87m), making it the most successful movie of 2016.

On the occasion of his 51<sup>st birthday on 27 December, IBTimes takes a look at some of the extreme measures, Salman fans have gone to, to express their love for the movie star.

Cross-border fans

A Pakistani female fan of the actor was arrested after entering India without a passport. She told authorities that she had travelled to India in the hopes of meeting Salman. 27-year-old Chanda revealed that her husband also happened to share his name with the Bollywood hero.

Extreme measures

One fan of the actor committed suicide in 2015, following a scuffle outside a cinema, after he tried to force his way in to the theatre to catch the first day show of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. He had been told that the show was sold out but refused to settle for another screening.

In another incident the same year, a fan allegedly tried to kill himself while outside the High Court in Mumbai where the actor's criminal case was being tried. The Bollywood scriptwriter distributed leaflets stating that he was hopeful that Salman would accept one of his works. If found guilty in the hit-and-run case, the actor would have to serve a prison sentence and would not be able to help the aspiring writer, he explained.

The man allegedly consumed poison in front of the police and was alter rushed to the hospital where he received treatment.

Taking the cake

In the city of Surat in Gujarat, fans of the actor celebrated his 50<sup>th birthday last year with a 400-foot long cake weighing 4000 kgs. It was later distributed among 200 orphanages in the region.

Cinema theatrics

The day of the release of a Salman Khan film is day of grand celebrations for most fans. They begin the festivities hours before the first show, stringing garlands of flowers on the posters and bathing them in milk.

During the screening itself, members of the audience get out of their seats and dance during the various song sequences.

Fan frenzy

Salman Khan fans
Salman Khan fans celebrate his suspended sentence outside his home in Mumbai in 2015 SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP/Getty Images

During his 2002 hit and run case, a number of ardent fans of the star went of hunger strikes as they awaited a verdict. One man also offered to take his place in prison if he was found guilty. The actor was given a five-year suspended jail sentence and it showed on the street outside his home in Mumbai where fans gathered to celebrate.

Some parked themselves outside his residence for days, waiting for the High Court to announce the sentencing and rejoiced later with fireworks, music and dancing.