Women in swimwear in UK park
Meteorologists are predicting a two-week long heatwave will hit the UK, beginning on Wednesday Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Britain is set for a blistering two-week heatwave with temperatures set to rise into the mid-20s Celcius, forecasters predicted today.

Temperatures are predicted to hit as high as 28C next weekend. The higher temperatures which will kick in from Wednesday is in contrast to the first half of the week, which is likely to be rainy and windy.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna, told Sky News: "It is a real contrast in weather from the early part to the end of the week. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be cool and often wet and windy. But then the high pressure starts to build across the UK and it certainly becomes very warm and locally hot in the South.

"Wednesday is the transition day from the unsettled to the better weather with temperatures reaching around 20C (68F) in the South. Friday into the weekend will see a much bigger increase with strong sunshine. Certainly is it good weather for getting out and about."

Today, temperatures are around 16C with predictions of rain. Forecasters warn that heavy rain and thundery showers will hit on Tuesday. After this, things are expected to improve dramatically with temperatures expected to hit 28C (82F) in the south on Friday and Saturday as warm air from the continent drifts in.