A doctor with a distinct British accent has featured in a recent Islamic State (Isis) propaganda video urging Muslim doctors from the UK and Sudan to join the group in Syria.

The man who calls himself Abu Amir al-Muhajir is thought to have been responsible for recruiting the nine British Sudanese medical students who travelled to Syria last March, the Daily Mail reported.

The doctor is filmed sitting in front of a large desk with a stethoscope hanging from his neck.

Speaking in perfect English, he describes the different medical facilities in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor.

He declares at the beginning of the video that he is appearing "on behalf of the doctors and medical council here in wilayat al-Kheir (Deir Ezzor province) in the Islamic State".

"I send greetings from the Islamic State, to all my dear brothers and sisters within the Islamic State and outside," he said.

The doctor then criticises the media's portrayal of the IS, before saying, "There is actually a really good medical service being provided here. Lots of hospitals, lots of services provided."

Towards the end of the video, the English-speaking doctor urges Muslims with skills in medicine to join the jihadis.

Specifically, he calls on the Muslims in England to join Isis because it is "a great cause being fought here".

He also calls on Muslims in Sudan with a medical background to also join IS.

Although a direct link to the nine British Sudanese is not explicitly made in the video, it is thought that the doctor has some link with them because of his references to Sudan, according to the Daily Mail.

This is the second video focusing on Isis' health care service, dubbed "ISHS", a moniker which references the UK's NHS.

The first video released in April featured an Australian national calling himself Abu Yusuf, real name Tareq Kamleh from Perth, who also urges Muslims to join IS.