Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka's romance is heating up! The singer's new love interest recently revealed that he has "always had a thing" for the songstress and shared the story of the first time he met the All I Want for Christmas Is You singer.

Tanaka told E! News: "The first time we met we were actually in a rehearsal setting, a huge sound stage at Sony studios back in L.A. And she walked in with a beautiful entourage and I was on stage already."

Revealing their first meeting was a "sweaty mess" the dancer continued, "Our first introduction was kind of a sweaty mess, because I was on stage sweating...she came out all looking gorgeous and everything. But it was great we said 'Hi' real quick and we got back to work."

During the series premiere of Mariah's World that aired on 4 December, Tanaka talked about his working relationship with Carey. The 33-year-old dancer said, "It was about 2005-2006 is when I first met Mariah Carey. I was a young buck, I was this green rookie when I first worked with her."

But over the years Tanaka admitted that "so many things have happened. I grew up, I turned into a man and she's gone through so much."

Carey, who ended her nine-month engagement with billionaire James Packer in October, was spotted enjoying a vacation with Tanaka in Hawaii. They were recently spotted getting cosy at a screening event of Carey's new E! docuseries Mariah's World, which will document moments from her life.

The 46-year-old singer admitted that 2016 was a "good year" despite her break-up with Packer. "There were so many really good parts of 2016," she said at the premiere party of Mariah's World and added, "I think people should watch the show because they're gonna see, they're gonna see moments."