Budzster: Cannabis Recommendation App
The Budzster marijuana recommendation app promises to personalised suggestions of which strain of cannabis is right for you. Indiegogo

A new smartphone app aims to give cannabis users personalised recommendations of which strain of marijuana is best for them.

Budzster, which is currently seeking to raise money through crowd-funding site Indiegogo, promises to "help consumers and caregivers to find the best budz for their personal needs."

According to a description of the app on the fundraising page "Budzster is a user-based recommendation application that accurately determines which budz are right for you based upon personal and strain genetics. Budzster becomes more accurate as it learns more about your anonymous username through usage."

While the majority of States in the US continue to impose a total ban on cannabis, there are a growing number of states which allow its use for medical purposes, and according to the developers of this app the prohibition on cannabis is "rapidly coming to a close".

The need for such an app, according to the developers, is that marijuana is "incredibly complex" with hundreds of different strains available, each of which contains a combination of several cannabinoids of varying strengths.

The complexity is increased when you consider that each strain reacts differently with your own "unique combination of cannabinoid receptors to produce medical, psychological, and, yes, recreational effects on the human body."

The fundraising campaign is aiming to raise $20,000 (£12,400) to help launch the app, but after almost four weeks it has so far raised just $710 and is unlikely to reach its goal by the time the campaign ends on 11 November.

The app is mainly aimed at what the developers call 'canna businesses' - those businesses such as cultivators and dispensaries who make their money from the legalisation of cannabis. The app will be available on a subscription basis to allow them see what strains are most popular in particular areas and adjust their stock as necessary.

"Budzster will provide dispensary owners with the tools to provide the best budz for each of their customers. Budzter will also provide access to anonymised user data directly from the users that shop in their establishment. Imagine knowing what strains your customers want as you work with your growers to customise inventory for your specific needs and clients."