Queen Consort Camilla allegedly believes there have been attempts to kill her and she is worried that she might die before she gets crowned alongside King Charles III.

His Majesty will officially be crowned as the new British monarch alongside his wife on May 6, 2023. Ahead of the coronation, the former Duchess of Cornwall has expressed her fear of being assassinated, similar to what conspiracy theorists believe may have happened to Princess Diana in relation to her car crash in Paris.

"Camilla is convinced there's a plot to get rid of her and she'll never be crowned queen. She trusts no one and the current tensions in the royal family aren't making her feel any more secure," a source told Globe in its Nov. 21 issue.

The 75-year-old suspects there have been attempts to kill her after she became Queen Consort instead of Princess Consort. The insider claimed that the announcement "riled certain royal family members as well as a huge chunk of the British public. They don't understand why Charles' mistress is being rewarded" unlike Prince Philip, who was "never crowned alongside Queen Elizabeth II."

The source added, "I'm told there are secret discussions behind palace doors to find a way to persuade her to step aside for Charles' sake and the future of the monarchy. But no one doubts how difficult that will be."

As such, Camilla reportedly believes there have been deadly attempts to make sure she does not get crowned Queen Consort. She is convinced that the series of mid-air accidents she had encountered were part of them. She had two in 2019 and the most recent was on Oct. 28, 2022, when her plane had to make an emergency landing after a bird smashed into the jet causing massive damage.

Camilla, who is afraid of flying, is allegedly "convinced they were brazen assassination attempts. She doesn't believe any of the incidents were accidents or coincidences. And this latest midair emergency was another. She believes there are people in the palace who hate her and want her OUT."

Meanwhile, a palace courtier said that Princess Diana's tragic car accident is "constantly on her mind" and she fears she will follow in her footsteps. However, there is no publicly available evidence that there are people out to kill her. There is also no proof that Princess Diana was assassinated, as such people should take these reports with a grain of salt.

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Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are photographed by Mario Testino in the Morning Room at Clarence House in May 2017 to mark the Duchess's 70th birthday Getty