Goddess of Pop, Cher was in no mood to tone it down at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards as she donned one iconic style after another and impressed the crowd with standout performances.

After being introduced by Gwen Stefani as a role model, the 71-year-old songstress took to the stage, and what followed next was an unbelievable pairing of classic hits – Believe and If I Could Turn Back Time.

And it shouldn't come as a surprise to fans that Cher matched steps with the backup dancers like it was no big thing.

While her vocal rendition of major hits wowed fans, the pop star also made an eye-popping appearance with a sheer outfit and nipple pasties as she performed for her first award show in 15 years.

No sooner, had the songstress slayed the BBMAs stage than fans pledged love and admiration for the "timeless" singer.

"No need to turn back time Cher! It looks like you've stopped it!" a fan wrote on Twitter following Cher's performance of the 1989 hit. The singer brought back major feels while singing Turn Back Time as she changed into a flashback black outfit featuring her signature black wig, fishnets and leather jacket.

The outpouring on Twitter ranged from hilarious to emotional as fans admired Cher and her youthful performance at the age of 71. "Can we just take a moment to appreciate this here. But Donald Trump is one year younger and exhausted," shared a fan drawing a hilarious comparison, followed by the trending hashtag 'Icon Cher'.

"If you have never danced to 'Believe' at a club and had a blast, you haven't lived! #Cher #IconCher," wrote another.

"My mom's response to this performance? 'She's eleven years older than me...I'll just go put my head in the oven now,'" a Twitter user wrote. Fans couldn't help but share their admiration in eloquent words for the Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves hitmaker, who later in the night was honoured with the Icon Award.

"Thank you. So, I wanted to do what I do since I was 4 years old, and I've been doing it for 53 years. That is not an applause thing; I'm 71 yesterday!" she said addressing the star-studded crowd of the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena.

After thanking her mother, Cher concluded, "I just have to say that I think that luck has so much to do with my success , I think it was mostly luck and a little bit of something thrown in."

Check out more tweets and fan reactions to Cher's performance and that emotional speech below: