Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has taken to Instagram to share her plans for 2016 amid rumours that her marriage to Jean-Bernard is on the rocks. Posting a black-and-white selfie she wrote: "think its time for the.. Studio!!! It is 2016".

The sombre image, in which she peers somewhat sadly into the camera, is perhaps telling of her current state of mind, as the Crazy, Stupid, Love singer is rumoured to be coming to terms with the split from her husband of 19 months.

While JB was reported to be living it up in Miami over the festive period, Cheryl was believed to be holed up at the London home they once shared and has found comfort in the support of her close family, including her mum Joan Callaghan and her brother Garry Tweedy.

Cheryl has four siblings, but has a close relationship with Garry, 28, who is part of her entourage. In 2011 he made the move to the US with his famous sister when she relocated Stateside for the US X Factor.

A source told The Sun: "He and Cheryl are extremely close. He's part of her entourage and is by her side for practically all her work commitments. He needs to be in London for a base, and Cheryl has a big house that needs to be filled. It goes without saying that at a time like this she'll need his support."

Fuelling rumours that the marriage is over, Cheryl earlier posted another telling photo on Instagram which saw her kissing her middle finger. Bidding adieu to the year that was and perhaps, if the rumours are to be believed, her husband too, the revealing caption said: "Bye 2015.. you've been real!!!!! You have taught me a lot but I am happy to see the back of you !! ..

She also recently deleted a picture of her husband from her Instagram account. The image which was uploaded in August this year, showed the restaurateur lifting up his shirt to flaunt his impressive washboard stomach. She captioned the photo: "He tells me I'm almost there." Only one snap of her partner remains on the page, taken 78 weeks ago along with her picture of her wedding ring, which she used to announce her secret marriage.

It was first reported that Cheryl and the French restaurateur were having "serious problems" at the start of the month as cracks in the relationship seemed to show, with the pair rarely being seen in public together.

Cheryl was noticeably absent from the French businessman's birthday celebrations in August. As he turned 35, he celebrated with friends, but wife Cheryl was nowhere to be seen. The couple, who married in July 2014 after a whirlwind romance, were last seen together this October when they attended Ant and Dec's 40th birthday party as a couple.

Her increasingly slim frame also sparked concerns for her health, which the singer attributed to stress following the passing of her father-on-law, but its seems her marital troubles had also taken a toll. If the couple does indeed split, Cheryl faces losing half her £16m fortune since she allegedly did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement before marrying Jean-Bernard.

While fans expressed their excitement at news that the I Don't Care singer will be releasing more music in the new year, it seems she might find the income from album sales quite helpful, as she faces the prospect of a rather expensive divorce in 2016.