Celebrations are to be had for singer Chris Brown who has been awarded joint custody of his daughter Royalty. The Zero hitmaker and the child's mother Nia Guzman have agreed on certain terms including unsupervised visits and the amount of child support he must pay each month.

TMZ reports that the parents, who are never believed to have been in a serious relationship, have agreed to share physical and legal custody of the toddler. Brown, 26, will look after Royalty for 12 days each month but Guzman has lost her request for these visits to be monitored. The r'n'b singer has been asked to pay $2,500 (£1,647) in monthly child support payments in addition to the $15,000 he owes in back payments.

Per the terms of their agreement, the Grammy-winner will have to foot the bill for Royalty's schooling, nannies, health insurance and any medical bills she may require. Earlier in September 2015, Brown was awarded temporary joint custody of Royalty and was asked to submit hair and urine samples for drug testing.

The website reports that the results from these tests came back positive for weed and codeine but this does not affect his custody case as the Loyal singer reportedly has prescriptions for both. A judge is yet to approve of the terms. Brown reacted to the news on Twitter, telling his followers: "Court went great today. Glad this all worked out."

He is said to have added on Instagram: "Court went great today. Glad this all worked out. ... Sending my thank you to my legal team.

I'm too blessed for the bullshit. People who have had to sit a watch me for years do me and watch their females actually love me always show their insecurities. I embrace anything God has given me. It's bigger than this music shit. I'm content with being Chris Brown. A lot of people are unhappy and a lot of these artist lie to the fans or rely on hype to gain substance. You niggas bore me. Ima keep being who God made me to be! ? #IAMMUSIC #othersbarelyholdanote #thesehandsworkgreat

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"I'm so happy with OUR outcome today! #ILoveMyZillahAndRoyalty #ParentsFirstBulls**tLast #WeLoveRoyaltly."

Brown has transformed his lifestyle since becoming a father to Royalty and is even naming his forthcoming album after the one-year-old. Relations between the singer and Guzman have not always been positive as he accused her of using Royalty as a "meal ticket" in a Twitter rant in August. Brown tweeted: "Some men my age run from their responsibility as fathers. I embrace mine. Just sucks that some females use children as meal tickets. Using a child as leverage is never OK. The highest praise to the men who actually want their kids."