Clash Royale, a follow up to the hugely popular Clash Of Clans, was launched in March for Android and iOS users by Supercell. If you are a novice, chances are you might be feeling a bit confused by your lack of wins and difficulty in understanding the game's strategy. Do not worry; we have some handy tips for beginners and as you keep playing you will master the game slowly and steadily.

Goal of the game

To destroy the arena towers of your enemies and king tower before they destroy your own crown towers and king tower. You do this by playing both defence and offence while managing gold and elixir resources, common, rare and epic cards.

Strategy and Tips to follow

Clash Royale
Mix up the deck well to move ahead SuperCell
  • Mixing up the deck: You can only fill your deck with eight cards, so be sure to keep a good balance between building cards, troop cards and spell cards. Defensive building cards can defend your towers, while troop cards make up your offence. Spell cards are for one-time use but are very powerful. Point damage cards, like the Prince, Spear Goblins, and Musketeer, deal large amounts of damage - but to just one unit at a time. As you keep playing you will become more acquainted with the different cards and what they can do and which card combos work better. Remember there is no perfect deck of cards as you may be fooled into believing by many tipsters.
  • Do not attack first and balance attacks and defence: Let your opponent make the first attack as you fill up on elixr. This will ensure that you defend alongside your towers while setting up a nice counter attack. It is advisable to be ahead of your opponent in resources. Remember that defence will win you the most matches so keep defending as you are attacking. It is as important to save your towers like it is to knock out your opponent's. If you are planning an attack, it's usually good to wait until you've saved up enough elixir to deploy a couple of cards in combination. The main castle does not get its cannon before you damage it, so avoid damaging it before the first arena tower is down.
  • Use the kill zone effectively: The kill zone is basically the middle area on your side of the field. Practice using the kill zone as much as you can. When you have attackers coming for you, don't collide at the bridge, but hold off for sometime, and then put some goblins or quicker troops down in the centre of your kill zone. This will distract attackers from the tower and as they approach the kill zone, they will be struck by the arrows and cannon balls from the towers.
  • Deploying troops and buildings: You need to plan at every step to move forward in this game. So choose wisely when deploying troops. Don't just use what's available first. Drop troops behind towers, so by the time they get to the middle and are "engaged" your elixir has already regenerated enough to have another card ready to play. Don't just drop troops on the edge closest to the enemy every time, as later you will get behind, and lose.
  • Use the Skeleton Army as much possible: Although they are sensitive to arrow attacks, they are both versatile on attack and defence, especially when working with a giant. Be sure to summon them if you see an opponent giant or strong force come your way as the group will block the pathway towards your towers.
Clash Royale
Open free and crown chests as often as you can unlock them Spercell
  • Chests: Be sure to open free and crown chests as often as you can unlock them. If you are going to purchase silver, gold and magical chests, do so early on before unlocking the higher level arenas, as they are cheaper in the beginning of the game.
  • Spend gold wisely: Gold is really hard to come by in the game, so being careful about how you spend it will make a difference for your deck and the number of battles you win.
  • Don't drop trophies: Dumping trophies in an effort to wipe out the lower level players in the battle field, does not give you a better chance at winning. Clash Royale has a pretty excellent match-making system, and the higher arena you are in, the better the reward. So don't drop trophies just to fight in a lower arena as the reward isn't as big.
  • Watch TV Royale: Last but not the least, you learn as you watch so head over to tap the bottom right button, which looks like a TV. This is the TV Royale that has a list of replays from the most skilled and highest players in the world. Don't try and get intimidated as beginners can't mount similar attacks as they don't have the troops. But it will help you get an idea of what works, what doesn't, and how to be strategic rather than just going forward with anything and everything

Follow these basic leads and play the game and you are less likely to be confused. It may not be as addictive as the Clash Of Clans yet but be sure to be impressed by what SuperCell has to offer.