Nahid Almanea murder
Nahid Almanea was murdered in a knife attack at the Salary Brook Trail. East Anglian Daily Times

Two murder victims who were each stabbed many times by an unknown attacker may have been victims of the same killer with a lust for killing, claims an expert.

Top criminologist David Wilson has warned that the town of Colchester in Essex could be hosting a crazed knife killer, after Saudi student Nahid Almanea and James Attfield, 33, both died in unsolved attacks.

Details of the attacks pointed to the possibility of a lone attacker, said Wilson. He said both Almanea and Attfield were "overkilled" in ferocious onslaughts.

He told Sky News: "Clearly there is some link between these two, although the police don't want to make that link because it scares people to think there might be somebody of this background at loose in the community.

"Usually we discover that there is some kind of relationship in the past between the perpetrator and the victim.

"So here we've got something really unusual happening in Colchester - we've got two random attacks in a very concentrated geographic area and both victims have been 'overkilled'.

"They've been stabbed numerous times - more times than would be necessary to actually take their life."

Saudi Aradian student Almanea, 31, was knifed 16 times in Colchester last week, with police initially exploring a racist motive.

Attfield died from more than 100 stab wounds in an attack in Colchester, last year.

Officers confirmed there are "immediate similarities" between the two cases.

Wilson said the killer is probably a distinctive person, who gets noticed in the community. He said: "This type of person I think will be well known in the area and quite odd - the sort of person people would notice. I imagine the police are already aware of who those kinds of people in Colchester might be."