Counter-Strike 1.6
Screenshot of Counter-Strike 1.6 on Android phone Screenshot/Youtuber Neloyow Aguilar

Counter-Strike fans, rejoice! You can now play one of the most popular military shooters in gaming, Counter-Strike 1.6, on your Android phone. Although this version is not an official release by Valve Corporation, it is an actual playable game brought over to Android phones by developer Alibek Omarov.

The game relies on touchscreen controls, which is not the best way to play a first-person shooter on a mobile device. If you are looking for more precision controller support, simply plug in a mouse and keyboard using an OTG cable.

If you are interested in trying out the mobile version, you need to have CS 1.6 in your Steam account to copy some necessary files for it to work on your device. For instructions on how to install the game, head over to Github to get started.

This isn't the first time a fan, hacker or a developer has found an interesting way to tweak and modify a game to adapt to various devices.

In July 2014, Australian hacker Ed Jones, or Aussie50, posted a video on YouTube after rewiring an old ATM machine to play the classic FPS Doom. In 2013, two Serbian students took over a commercial electronic billboard in Belgrade, installed Space Invaders and played it using their iPhones for 20 minutes. They were rewarded by the billboard's owner with two iPad minis.

First released by Valve in 2000, Counter-Strike remains a popular and fiercely competitive tactical shooter. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Major Championships broke viewing records this year during its Major League Gaming event in Ohio, drawing 71 million live and on-demand views and 45 million hours of live broadcasts.

The previous tournament record was 1.3 million concurrent viewers and 34 million hours viewed and took place in Cologne, Germany. This year's tournament was the first-ever CS: GO Major held in North America with competitors battling for a $1m (£714,000) prize pool.