Daniel Craig is working hard to get his bedroom scene right.

"Daniel knows his body will be scrutinised in the bedroom scene so he's been training like a mad man," a source was quoted as saying in The Sun. He may not have too much to worry about. His costume designer, Jany Temime, described his body as "wonderful".

The actor will be shooting a sex scene with Greek actress Tonia Sotiropuolou for his latest James Bond film "Skyfall." Apparently Craig's role in this Bond film will be very different from those of his previous appearances.

"He's much softer and nicer now. It's just different... hopefully; it's different again from that (Casino Royale). He was a story to telling 'Quantum' that we had to finish off and round off. He was hurt and broken-hearted; he's not so broken-hearted. He's on the mend; he's feeling much better," Craig added.

The actor also said Bond, in this film, would be more of a "flawed character" than a hero.

"His attitude towards women and his attitude towards the world is very dubious, but I think that's interesting, and I think if you throw him into a situation with really strong characters and you watch them battle it out, then I think it just makes for interesting watching," Craig explained. He also stressed, in an article by the Daily Telegraph, that there would be a lot of action in this film.

Finally, Craig also said there would be a lot of emotion that his character would have to deal with.

"Comedy in Bond films, for me, comes out of the situations people get into. They're exciting, hopefully heart-stopping, and the comedy comes out of one-liners and things. When Sam came in, it was key for all of us that there was a lightness of touch in the writing that had not been as evident in the past two films," Craig told The Sun.

In "Skyfall" Bond's loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her. The film will hit the theatres in the US on 9 November.