Fans waiting for "Deliver Us The Moon 2" might be a bit disappointed. While a sequel is definitely in the works, it will have a slightly different name than the original game.

The sequel won't be named 'Deliver Us The Moon 2'

In March this year, Frontier Foundry officially confirmed "Deliver Us Mars" from the Dutch development team KeokeN Interactive. The game is the sequel to the sci-fi adventure game "Deliver Us The Moon," according to Gaming Trend.

An adventure across the red planet awaits players in 'Deliver Us Mars'

Unlike the setting of the original game, "Deliver Us The Moon," where players had to solve puzzles and explore earth's natural satellite, players will now venture farther away than the moon in the upcoming sequel. As its title suggests, the game's setting will be on the planet Mars.

"Deliver Us Mars" will be set 10 years after the Fortuna mission in "Deliver Us The Moon." This time, the game's plot will follow the story of Kathy Johanson, who was still a little girl in the "Deliver Us The Moon" game. What is interesting is that there will be the option of going scuba diving even on Mars.

'Deliver Us Mars' release date

Unfortunately, "Deliver Us The Moon" fans might have to wait a bit before the arrival of the sequel. Apparently, the "Deliver Us Mars" release date has been delayed to ensure that players get the best gaming experience possible.

'Whilst we understand this news might be disappointing, we are excited for you all to face the challenges of Mars, traverse its hostile environments, and discover the mystery of the ARKs," KeokeN said, according to "Your patience will allow us to deliver the best experience we can."

Previously, the developers were aiming to release the game sometime this year. With the announcement or a delay, the "Deliver Us Mars" release date is now moved to February 2, 2023.

'Deliver Us Mars' platforms

The upcoming game will be simultaneously released to multiple platforms upon launch. "Deliver Us Mars" will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PlayStation 5.

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