Deutsche Bank
For bonuses of between €100,000 ($135,000, £83,000) and €200,000, half will be deferred Reuters

German banking giant Deutsche Bank has capped bonuses for its bankers at €300,000 ($400,000, £250,000) for a second year.

A source told IBTimes UK that the lender's pay structure would be identical to that of 2012.

Deutsche will spread its deferred pay over three years from 2015. Half the amount will be in cash and half in shares.

For bonuses of between €100,000 and €200,000, half will be deferred.

From €200,000-€500,000 bonuses, 75% will be deferred, for bonuses of €500,000 to €1m 85% will be deferred, and any bonuses more than €1m will be fully deferred.

The bank changed its remuneration structure for 2012 to encourage bankers to focus on "longer-term sustainable" performance.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment, but details of the pay structure will be released in March.

The news came after Deutsche Bank disclosed that pay in its corporate banking and securities division was €5.3bn for 2013, representing a drop of more than 14% on the previous year.

Banks are increasingly under political pressure to lower executive pay on claims by regulators and politicians that high remuneration incentivises risk-taking.