A controversial documentary revealing personal video recordings of Princess Diana has left viewers divided.

The Channel 4 documentary Diana: In Her Own Words draws on tapes recorded by her voice coach Peter Settelen between 1992 and 1993 in which the Princess reveals candid and deeply personal details about her 'odd' sex life with Prince Charles, the impact of his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles on their marriage, her battle with bulimia and reality of her life in the royal household.

The documentary was widely condemned as exploitative and in poor taste, but despite many expressing their belief that it was 'morally wrong' to watch the private recordings, others admitted that the the enduring allure of the Princess made for compelling viewing.

"Strangely drawn to watching #dianainherownwords Despite being horrified at the total & utter invasion into her privacy even in death," said one viewer.

"I really don't know how to feel about this documentary due to ethical reasons,only I know it'll make me cry," said another.

The documentary captures Diana at her most relaxed and with her natural charm and charisma evident, the dignity with which she describes her loveless marriage and the sadness of her circumstance renders her ever more endearing.

In contrast her revelations about her marriage, which appeared doomed from the start, present Prince Charles in an unfavourable light with viewers expressing ever greater contempt for the future King and branding him 'a bully.'

"Charles should never have married her, cruel man when he loved someone else. Shame on Camilla for her part ," said one commentator.

"The arrogance of Charles expecting the British people to accept Camilla PB after he ruined Diana's life. Shame on him," remarked another.

Others suggested that the intimate revelations in the documentary about Prince Charles's sex life and his disregard for the young Princess made it difficult to see him assume the role of king.

"This must surely be the time for Prince Charles to give up any claim to the throne and hand the future to William," tweeted one viewer.

Others remarked that the documentary has almost certainly been damaging to Prince Charles. "The years of PR Charles has put in to recover his image over all these years gone in one night."

And with Diana suggesting that her former Royal Protection Officer Barry Maccakee was 'bumped off' after her blossoming romance with him was discovered, conspiracy theories regarding her own tragic death began to circulate.

"The car crashes were very convenient, all the same, first Mannakee, then the Princess herself. It does make you wonder," a viewer observed.

"Diana was killed by the establishment. Get rid of the monarchy," wrote one angry viewer.

While Diana's brother Earl Spencer tried to block the release of the tapes, Channel 4 defended their decision to broadcast the documentary claiming it showed Diana "at her most candid, natural and charismatic".

"The tapes, which show a relaxed and off-duty Diana, are hugely illuminating about her personality, humour and charm," said Ralph Lee, Channel 4's deputy chief creative officer & head of factual.