Diet Coke has officially unveiled its new bottle designs created by famed French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

The 59-year-old designer, who was recently named as the brand's creative director, has drawn on inspiration from Madonna's iconic cone bra ensemble and his own white and blue stripes look.

Gaultier, the man behind Madge's iconic 1990 outfit, has collaborated with the beverage heavyweight on night and day fashion bottles.

While the 'day' design pulls from the style guru's signature Breton stripes, the 'night' version is painted more provocatively with an image a fishnet corset and cone bra.

A third bottle will pay homage to Gaultier's love of body art, with a 'tattoo' design, which will be launched later this year.

Gaultier has set a new precedent after becoming the first fashion designer to be given the title of creative director at a beverage company.

He also follows in the stylish steps of designers Karl Lagerfeld and Dolce and Gabbana, who previously collaborated on campaigns with Coca-Cola.

The limited edition bottles are currently available across nine countries in Europe.

Check out the designs here:

Jean Paul Gaultier designs limited edition bottles for Diet Coke
Jean Paul Gaultier’s Diet Coke Bottle. IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/Diet Coke Facebook/Diet Coke