The Division Scarecrow Exploit
Unfortunately not the Batman villain Scarecrow Screenshot

With the 1.0.2 update eliminating the Bullet King Loot Cave exploit, agents have been scouring the Dark Zone in Tom Clancy's: The Division for new tricks to quickly obtain Phoenix Credits to exchange for High-End weapons – and they may have found it with a glitch in the Police Academy mission.

To perform the exploit you will need to have reached level 30 and have unlocked the Mobile Cover Extension mod. It also helps to have a character who is reasonably capable of taking on the Hard difficulty setting if you want do the mission solo, but as ever in The Division it is easier to group up with a team of friends/online matchmaking partners in PvE.

Without further ado, onto the instructions for what the YouTube community is dubbing 'BulletKing 2.0':

In total this trick takes between 5-10 minutes on Hard difficulty depending on your ability level, although the glitch cuts out a sizeable portion of the mission, which makes it perfect farming material so you can spend Phoenix Credits on High-End gear, blueprints and weapons at the DZ6 vendor. You will also gather a fair amount of weapon parts, mods, tools, materials and electronics through repeating the mission alone.

You can see the exploit in action in the below video:

YouTube / ThinkSammich

(Thanks to IBTimes UK reader Logan Estis for pointing out the new exploit)

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