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The first major patch for Tom Clancy's: The Division aims to balance the PvP within the Dark Zone, while also fixing a multitude of bugs and patching the gear drops from named enemies.

The patch is being implemented during routine service maintenance today (22 March) which started at 8am GMT (1am PST, 4am EST) and is scheduled to run until 11am GMT (4am PST, 7am EST).

Update: It appears the servers have gone back down for a further 15 minute period as per the below tweet (patch changes discussed below):

Twitter / TheDivisionGame

The most noteworthy fix within the update sees the short-lived 'Bullet King Loot Cave' exploit receive a swift Dark Zone-esque elimination, as named boss characters will no longer respawn in the open world after death, putting paid to the rinse and repeat cycle near Autumn's Hope Safehouse that dominated The Division this past weekend.

Alterations are also being made to the drop rate of High-End weapons, gear and tech materials from level 31 and 32 named 'bosses' (although Phoenix Credit quantity changes have unfortunately been delayed due to "stability issues"), as players will now be more likely to find Gold gear in lieu of having to kill the same enemy over and over again. The Dark Zone chests are receiving a similar buff, with keys chests now possibly offering up an elusive High-End item as well.

IBTimes UK will be updating its Phoenix Credits guide to take account of the new changes.

While smaller fixes to weapons like the Midas and the welcome introduction of a fast travel system for entering the Dark Zone, balancing the PvP appears to be the main focus of the patch, with the 'going Rogue' option now appearing far more viable as a way to garner experience points and supplies.

You can find the full list of changes in patch 1.0.2 on the The Division website, but the main fixes and alterations can be found below:

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