The Division Underground
A screenshot showing where the Underground expansion's missions are likely to start. Ubisoft

The first major expansion for Ubisoft's The Division is set for release on 28 June, according to a listing on Amazon. The Underground will be the first of three expansions launched as part of Ubisoft Massive's Year One plans for the open world shooter.

Amazon UK lists the date as 28 June, with players able to preload the expansion from 25 June. New information regarding the expansion, which costs £11.99, is likely to be revealed at Ubisoft's E3 press conference on Monday, 13 June. Due to an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Ubi, the expansion launches on Xbox One 30 days before it arrives on PS4 and PC.

Ubisoft's website describes the Underground expansion as so: "Available in June, this first major expansion lets players explore the uncharted underworld of New York City. Players will chase deadly enemies with up to three other Agents through an endless maze of tunnels and subways."

The Division got off to a great start following its March launch, recording the most day-one sales of any Ubisoft game to date. It also broke the company's record for digital downloads. In May Ubisoft announced that the game has over 9.5 million registered players. It's proven a big enough success to spark rumours of a film adaptation.

The Division hasn't had a perfect start however. Reviews were mixed and many of the game's post-launch updates were riddled with bugs and exploits which Ubisoft then punished players for making use of.

Ubisoft's shooter takes place in a ruinous Manhattan following a devastating viral attack so widespread and contagious that it destroyed US infrastructure and brought down the government. In the aftermath, gangs roam New York City hoping to seize control, so a group of sleeper agents –named: The Division – are called in.

The game is an open-world shooter with RPG elements that focus on a single player or co-op play in its core mode, and player vs player interactions in its celebrated Dark Zone.

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