Domino's pizza delivery man Michael Charles Parker has been arrested in Covina, California after police say he attacked and stabbed a customer in a rage over a small tip, following a late order.

Parker, 31, was delivering the pizza to an apartment at 11.30pm on 3 January when he got into a dispute with a customer and stabbed him, it is alleged. Colvina police said the row arose over the "extended delay of the pizza delivery".

The LA Times reported that the victim, 20, was stabbed in the neck and the wrist in a struggle. He was taken to hospital where he is being treated for non-threatening injuries.

KTLA reported that Parker was tipped $3 (£2) for the $45 order. It is not clear how late the pizza was.

Parker fled the scene of the stabbing but was arrested an hour and a half later, said police. The delivery man posted bail of $30,000 and was released at 8 am. His arraignment is to be held on March 21.