Doom 2016
A new screenshot from Doom. Bethesda

The release date for this year's Doom pseudo-reboot might be 30 June, according to a leaked date spotted on Amazon France. The game, which was given its first proper reveal at E3 last year, currently only has a vague 2016 release window

The listing had pegged the release date as 30 June, but Amazon have since changed it to 31 December – which is the common placeholder date online retailers use for games without a release date set in stone. Whether or not the change is indicative of pressure from Bethesda, it's hard to say.

Earlier today (7 January) Mafia 3's release was potentially revealed by US retailer GameStop to be 28 April.

Doom is the fourth game in the pioneering series and the first to be released since Doom 3 twelve years ago. Where that game focused on first person horror, the latest Doom returns to the fast-paced running and gunning gameplay that made the original two games such a pulsating, blood-soaked treat back in the 90s.

It also brings a renewed focus to the series' multiplayer, with a beta coming soon following to closed Alpha tests in late 2015.

Bethesda has yet to comment on the alleged release date.

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