Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey viewers have hoped for a romance to develop between downstairs workers Baxter and Moseley ITV/YouTube

Fans have always rooted for Anna and Bates, but another romance has been bubbling under the surface in Downton Abbey. Viewers have been crossing their fingers for downstairs employees Baxter and Moseley to develop their close friendship into a relationship and the actors who play the characters have hinted love could be on the horizon.

Throughout the sixth season of ITV's period drama, Baxter and Moseley have continued to rely on each other for support as they battle through their individual problems. There have been subtle hints that there could be more to their friendship than meets the eye and Raquel Cassidy and Kevin Doyle who respectively play Baxter and Moseley have finally given hope to the theory.

Speaking to the IBTimes UK about a possible romance, Cassidy admitted: "It's a very low-level chemistry but really truthful and really real." Doyle elaborated: "It's not like Anna and Bates or Mary and Matthew. They're older people who have had disappointment in their lives and they're treading very carefully.

"It starts off as a lovely friendship and it might go further than that but in a way it doesn't matter if it doesn't because I think they've found something in one another that is lovely. Proper friendship. It might develop further. You'll have to wait and see."

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In season five, the secret Baxter had been keeping was finally revealed – that she had stolen jewelry from her former boss and pretended a burglary had taken place. With her guilt out in the open, Baxter is now full of relief but Cassidy says the lady's maid will never be fully free of her crime. The actress explained: "Her past is never going to let her go.

"The question is, 'Can she let go of her past?' We'll have to see if she can or can't. Any moments where she's torn between the good person she essentially is and what she may have to do in order to survive, those are things I relish. I'm not a happy ever after sort of actor."

Season six will be the last fans will see of Downton Abbey and while they brace themselves for the end, Doyle believes it is the right time for the series to draw to a close. Describing the atmosphere on set while filming their last episodes, Doyle admitted: "We were all in agreement that it should finish. We were very happy with the scripts, how the stories developed and ended – or didn't end so it's left to the imagination of the audience. Not everything was spelled out for the audience, how people's lives continue. People were really pleased."

Downton Abbey continues with episode six on 25 October.