Mirror's Edge 2

EA revealed more of their upcoming sequel to cult classic free-running action game Mirror's Edge during their E3 press conference.

Following the theme of their show (See Star Wars: Battlefront and Mass Effect 4) the video was a developer diary rather than a gameplay or CG trailer.

The team at DICE speaking during the video focused on the character of Faith and designing her for a new and hopefully bigger audience than the first game had.

Featuring a lot of "conceptual prototype" footage, soon the video turned to gameplay and recreating the world so many gamers loved in the original - still unique - game.

"Everything is geared towards traversing and navigating this environment. We want the player to be able to experiment and find different paths in the environment," said one of the team.

Another later in the video talked of "redefining the role of the runners to allow for more varied gameplay". In the original runners for a rebellious group of highly-adept free-runners rallying against oppression.

Mirror's Edge 2 will be a prequel delving into the origins of Faith and is set for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.