Microsoft ended their E3 press conference by announcing a new Crackdown game exclusively for Xbox One.

Just called Crackdown, a CG trailer was used to introduce the game and two of its features - co-operative multiplayer and destructible environments.

The trailer kicked off with the voice of Michael McConnohie as the Agency Director who essentially narrates the game and gives you objectives.

Released in 2007, the original Crackdown was a huge success. Aided by the inclusion of a multiplayer beta invite for Halo 3, the game itself was a highly-rated open world game that put players in the augmented boots of a powerful law enforcer.

Crackdown 2007's lead director David Jones will also be leading development on the new game for Microsoft and was on hand at the conference to introduce the trailer.

Crackdown 2 was released in 2010 but with a new developer at the helm it failed to capture audiences in the same way and became something of a flop.

The new Crackdown will release in 2015.