louise mitchell
Louise Mitchell has a few nasty tricks up her sleeve over the coming months on EastEnders BBC

Things have not been going smoothly in the Mitchell family on EastEnders lately. After Ben tried to suffocate his father Phil with a pillow on Monday night's episode (28 March), more drama will be unleashed as Louise conjures up a plan to destroy her killer half-brother's life.

Louise, played by Tilly Keeper, will cause chaos for her sibling Ben (Harry Reid) over the next few months as she seeks revenge for him bullying and physically abusing her when they were children. Keeper said of the upcoming twist: "Don't forget Ben used to burn her with spoons. Harry Reid, who plays Ben, and I are always looking for spoons in scenes to see if we can add them in," she told Soap magazine.

"Louise is scared of Ben - he murdered someone after all - but she won't show it. She wants to prove she isn't a kid anymore," she added.

louise mitchell
Louise also sets out to teach 'pregant' Abi Branning a lesson or two BBC

But Louise isn't just gunning for brother Ben – she's also after his cheating girlfriend Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) who fakes her own pregnancy and miscarriage to distract her beau from his secret gay crush, Paul Coker (Jonny Labey) who will fall victim to her nefarious plans. She's turned out to be a right treat.

Keeper further commented: "She has a nose for mischief. She's bored and not yet started school - so she may as well annoy Abi!"

The 17-year-old actress is also looking forward to shooting scenes with her on-screen grandmother Peggy Mitchell (Dame Barbara Windsor) in the lead up to the matriarch's emotional death. She told the publication: "I'm so excited to play Peggy's granddaughter - that's quite a title. Louise adores and idolises Peggy and I'm like that with Barbara."

denise welch
Denise Welch will enjoy a short but 'powerful' stint on the BBC soap this Spring BBC

Elsewhere in EastEnders this Spring, Denise Welch will join the BBC soap in the coming months to play the role of Alison Slater, Kyle's mother. Alison's arrival will cause a controversial stir as it's revealed she's struggled to come to terms with her son's choice of becoming transgender.

On joining Albert Square, Welch commented: I'm so thrilled to be part of such an iconic show, it's so exciting! I have several friends on the show and it's a great crowd so I can't wait to get started. It's a short stint but such a powerful role and I'm thrilled to be taking this on."

Welch is a well-established actress and television presenter, renowned for her roles in Waterloo Road, Boy Meets Girl and Holby City.

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Here is a clip of Ben trying to murder his old man Phil...