The man being held on suspicion of beheading pensioner Palmira Silva in a horrifying attack in Edmonton is still in hospital under police guard.

Named locally as Nicholas Salvadore, 25, he is reportedly an aspiring cage fighter and a Muslim convert. He apparently goes by the nickname "Fat Nick".

Silva died in a gruesome attack in Nightingale Road on Thursday 4 September in the north London suburb, during which three other people, including a police officer, were also attacked.

Two victims fled from their home to escape a man wielding a blade, while a cat was also butchered in the incident.

Witnesses told the Evening Standard they heard screaming and police officers telling residents in one household to "get out".

It is thought Silva, 82, may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time when she fell victim to the attacker.

Armed police brought an end to the rampage by zapping the man with a Taser. They were hailed for "putting their lives on the line".

Scotland Yard has refused to name the 25-year-old man currently in custody on suspicion of murder until he is charged.