Empire fans will not have to wait for season 2 of the hit Fox series until 2016, as reports suggest that the show could return as early as September 2015.

The premiere date for season 2 is not decided yet, but Fox Entertainment president David Madden recently told the Hollywood Reporter that it would not be surprising if the show came back mid-season, instead of making fans wait for a year.

There is a possibility that the Fox show will come back with a 22-episode second season.

The finale episode of Empire season 1 had smashed ratings records, as the two-hour event was action packed with big reveals, a shocking death and a jaw dropping arrest, thus setting up a thrilling season 2.

Here are a few things to look forward to when the show returns

Lucious Lyon grand comeback

Even as season 1 ended with Lucious Lyon sitting in a jail cell, the drama for the upcoming season has just started to build. Although the Lyon head is taken to jail for the murder of Bunkie, he will make a grand comeback on the show in season 2.

"You may think you've gotten away with it, don't fool yourself this is only the beginning," the Empire patriarch fumes in a voiceover. "The day will come when Lucious Lyon will return. Game time, bi***es."

Meanwhile, executive producer Ilene Chaiken has said, "Lucious will always be central to the story no matter where he is. Beyond that, we're not there yet. We'll figure out whether Lucious is in or out of prison or in and out of prison, and how he will be integral to these storylines."

Jamal and Cookie's relationship

Jamal and Cookie have been the only ones in the family who were always there for each other, but the events of the finale episode might have strained their relationship forever. Jamal was shattered to see Cookie going against his father, and getting him arrested.

Chaiken talks Cookie and Jamal's relationship which has been a source of tenderness in the show, is on the rocks, the producer teased that she is interested to see how Cookie and/or Jamal fixes things.

She also said that the two are not going to be amicable at the beginning of Empire season 2. "Cookie has always wanted to put her family back in order and season 2 is going to see more of them now that everyone is against Jamal for being appointed king of Empire."

"She lost her relationship with her most beloved son, and I want to see how Cookie resolves that or regains her relationship with Jamal. I want to see what Jamal does with his new position and his gangster status," she teased.

Will the hostile takeover succeed?

The fallout from Lucious' decision to choose Jamal as his successor will be a huge storyline to explore in season two.

Hakeem, Andre, Anika and Cookie still have to come up with $250 million to put the the hostile takeover plan in motion, but with Empire stocks plummeting, it won't be long until there's some bloodshed in the boardroom.

Also, Jamal isn't going to hand over Empire without a fight, so hopefully, he has a plan of his own to help Empire succeed.

More musical guest stars

The pilot season's music was widely popular, and season 2's musical performances will be even better. Chaiken revealed that music will continue to be an "added layer" on the show, and that Season 2 will feature a "slightly more robust (music) team".

The season 1 finale saw Snoop Dogg, Rita Ora and Jennifer Hudson guest starring on the show.

Keeping up with the list, season 2 will see a lot more celebrities playing cameos on the hit Fox series.

Moreover, creator Lee Daniels confirmed that he has written roles for dream guest-star Oprah Winfrey and Oscar-winner rapper Common, so fans will get to see them in season 2.

TV producer Brian Grazer teased that he wants to see Eminem in the show.

Grazer said, "Eminem, I know, loves our show. And I produced 8 Mile. I'm going to beg him to get on our show. He and Oprah Winfrey. Somehow I'm going to get one or both of them on our show."

Fans can't wait for season 2 premiere, here are a few fan tweets on the hiatus.