Following Empire's successful season 1 finale, tension is slowly building among the cast mates behind-the-scenes.

A Daily Mail report states that the attitude of Empire lead characters Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard is playing a major role in creating a rift among the cast.

"[Taraji and Terrence] call for re-writes if they don't like the lines or feel as though another character is getting more camera time than they are," a source told the Daily Mail. "They both have final approval over the script, which often frustrates the other actors because it causes their lines to regularly change," the insider added.

Similarly, an OK! Magazine report claimed that the cast is angered over Henson and Howard's control on the show.

A source told the website that Henson and Grace Gealey, who plays Henson's on-screen nemesis Anika Calhoun, have quite the strained relationship off-screen as well. "Taraji hates Grace's tiny figure and often complains to wardrobe about putting her in outfits sexier than her character's," the insider revealed.

Also, reports suggest that there seems to be some tension between Howard and Malik Yoba and the latter recently spoke out about his disappointment on having to leave the show after his character, Vernon Turner, was killed in the season 1 finale.