Faking it season 2
Will Duke breakup with Shane in Faking it season 2? MTV

Major drama is in store for Karma, Liam and Shane in the upcoming episode of Faking It season 2, as they fly to watch Duke's first fight in Los Angeles. Episode 14 is titled, Saturday Fight Live, which will air this Monday, 21 September on MTV.

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

Lauren and Amy believe that one of their parents is having an affair; Karma and Shane feel insecure in their relationships.

Previously, fans saw Liam and Karma clearing out their differences, but there is lot to mend for the couple, as Liam's new friendship with Zita is sure to make Karma jealous. Moreover, Karma is insecure, because Rita and Liam belong to the same social status and are wealthy, while Karma's family had to rent out their home and are now living out of their juice truck.The recent trailer released by MTV shows Liam kissing Zita, which would sure complicate things between Karma and Liam.

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Further, Shane and Duke finally accept that they love each other and that they want a monogamous relationship in episode 13, but Duke's publicist will not be a fan of Duke dating a college boy Shane.

Meanwhile, after breaking up with Reagan in the last episode, Amy and Lauren went on a mission to find out if their parents are cheating on each other. The new promo shows Amy finding a motel card in her laundry basket and she suspects one of her parent is having an affair.

Another trailer of the upcoming episode shows the fight event in Los Angeles as fans would see Duke's publicist telling him, "You are about to be very, very famous," as Shane cuts in and says, "I guess I will be famous adjacent."

Duke then hugs Shane, who is surprised to see him at the fight. Although the publicist is impressed with Liam, she doesn't look happy with Shane. She tells him as Duke poses shirtless for photos, "You don't have to stay for this part, Shane, if it makes you jealous."

"Not one bit, trust me. I know who Duke is going to the prom with, and it ain't that guy," replies Shane, but she is not happy to hear that he is in high school.