Fallout 4 has numerous hidden weapons and protective gear that come in handy in field combat and in accomplishing missions. Gamers need to explore some secret locations to get access to hidden armour.

A list of locations where you can find power armour, including the X-01 helmet, has surfaced online. Users need to reach level 30 to access the X-01 helmet and certain skills are required to unlock other power armour. Mentioned below are locations from where you can obtain ample of protective gear:

  • Mass Pike Interchange: This is a military inspection point and can be found by travelling northwest from the Jamaica Plain. You should find a Power Suit armour here.
  • Fiddler's Green Trailer Estate: You can find Power Armour, hidden in a container, once you reach the Green Trailer Estate. However, you need to pick a few locks here; your lock-picking skills should come in handy.
  • Abandoned Shack: You should find the X-01 helmet here. To reach the shack, travel to the north from the Crater of Atom using a Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV pre-war personal information processor (PIP). You also need to battle Synths at the location and guard against radiation.
  • National Guard Training Yard: This location is considered to be an inventory for Power Suits. Look inside the shipping container for armoury upon reaching the National Guard Training Yard.
  • Finch Farm: You can head to the Finch Farm if you need a Power Suit. The Finch Farm is located close to the Military Transport yard. Look for a stationary truck upon reaching the farm to find the Power Suit.
  • Atom Cat's Garage: You can purchase a full T-60 Power Armour set here from Rowdy (a vendor).

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Apart from the protective gear gamers need to learn more about prominent weapons that can be used to cause maximum damage to enemies. Here is a guide detailing the names, functions and location of these weapons.