Jennifer Lopez has been flaunting her curves in recent days. However, this time around, she has stirred up a controversy by sharing a photo of hers in a risqué dress.

JLo took to social media to share an image that shows more than just her jaw-dropping floor-length maxi dress, which is covered in intricate gold embellishment and has slits right up to her hip bone.

In the photo, the 47-year-old singer-turned-actor is seen posing with eyes closed and her legs spread apart while seated on a chair with her head titled back and her luscious locks tumbling down to her waist.

She shared the image to announce the release of the music video for her track Ni Tu Ni Yo. "#NiTuNiYo video Tuesday!! 9am on Telemundo and 10am on VEVO and YouTube!!!!! ," she wrote alongside the photo.

Some of her fans, however, were not pleased with the image as it shows her without any underwear.

" beautiful lady but this is distasteful and not classy. a bit disappointing....and didn't one of the Kardashian sisters wear this in a diff color?? Women in her late 40's shouldn't be wearing the same outfits as a women on her early 20's," a fan commented on the photo.

Another wrote, "Disappointed! Sorry JLo but I find this disappointing from an incredibly talented and professional woman. I will always be a fan tho."

"Not a respectable pose for a respectable woman," a third fan added.

However, there were others who praised her for her bold look.

"Love everything you do. Your movies, tv shows, and your singing and beautiful style," a fan said. Another added, "Go girl! Looking hot as hell!!!"

#NiTuNiYo video Tuesday!! 9am on Telemundo and 10am on VEVO and YouTube!!!!! 🏝

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