Fear The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead is set to premiere in the UK on 31 August on the AMC on BT channel AMC

The zombie apocalypse has finally spread overseas with blood-thirsty walkers taking hold of a secret location in London on 24 August to celebrate the arrival of Fear The Walking Dead. Hosted at a derelict building, guests were treated to an array of weird and wonderful food and drink as well as the first screening of the spin-off series' premiere episode.

A select group, including the IBTimes UK, were given the full experience of living in The Walking Dead world with bunkers lining the dimly-lit room and rations of food on offer. Adding an authentic touch, officers from the Epidemic Neutralisation Department (E.N.D) forcefully protected the venue and tackled stray walkers who had managed to infiltrate the safe-zone.

Throughout the evening, which was hosted by BT the network airing the series in the UK, guests were encouraged to be aware of any symptoms they may be suffering. Fortunately, the cure could be found in a range of cocktails which had been shaken and stirred to treat all stages of the infection, including red alert and chemical reaction.

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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

Of course, this was all just fun and games to keep the party entertained while awaiting the main event – episode one of The Walking Dead's brand new sister show. Without giving away too many spoilers, here are five things to look out for in the premiere...

5 things to expect from Fear The Walking Dead episode one:

It's a family affair

Distancing itself from Atlanta, Fear casts heavy focus on the Clark-Manawa family and their incredibly dysfunctional relationships. Nick is a junkie seeking out his next fix, Madison's partner Travis has an ex-wife to contend with and Alicia, a typical teen stressing over why her boyfriend has not replied to her text message.

The Los Angeles uninfected might be smarter than the Atlanta survivors

A viral video watched by Alicia and her friends shows police officers on a highway trying to gun down a man who has clearly been infected by the unknown virus. Realising that the possessed man is not going down despite being shot several times, the officers then shoot the walker in the head giving Alicia and co. a lesson that took Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and the other Atlanta survivors many episodes to figure out.

Fear The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead spin-off will focus on the Clark-Manawa family in Los Angeles AMC

The walkers initially looked like regular uninfected humans

When Nick wakes up in the doss house, he stumbles into a room where he finds his friend Gloria. She looks perfectly normal from behind and even when she turns around, the only clue to her infection is the piercing colour of her eyes and the blood drooling from her mouth after feasting on human flesh.

Is that a young Eugene?

Tobias, a student at the high school, emerges as the smartest of the Los Angeles clan having cottoned on to the infection spreading across several states. Remind anyone of Eugene, the scientist who turned out not to be a scientist in Atlanta? When Tobias is found to be – wisely – carrying a knife for protection, Madison gives him a telling-off in her office before locking the weapon in her drawer. Something suggests this will make a reappearance at a later date in desperate times...

Nick may be Johnny Depp reincarnated

He's got that moody stare and basically channels Jack Sparrow's entire Pirates Of The Caribbean look.

Fear The Walking Dead premiers on the AMC channel on BT on 31 August at 9pm.