Army GoPro
Screenshot 10 News

A former US Army Ranger used a GoPro camera strapped to his belt to prove that his estranged wife was abusive towards him. The former soldier, who was only identified as Michael, captured his estranged wife grabbing his genitals during a custody handover of their two-year-old twin boys.

"This is just one of many instances where I've had to use the camera to either prove her guilt or prove my innocence and that's the only reason I am carrying it," the man told 10 News. The former soldier is only being identified by his first name because he is a victim of domestic violence.

According to 10 News, Michael has been tying the GoPro to his belt to document interactions with his ex amid his divorce and custody battle. "A GoPro has such a wide angle scope on it," he said. "It catches everything from five feet away from the feet to the head."

The most recent interaction between the former couple occurred on 17 September as Michael was unbuckling one of his sons from the back of his vehicle. The video shows Michael screaming and jerking back after his 37-year-old estranged wife Carinne Novak forcibly grabs his genitals.

Novak is pushed back and she can be heard saying: "Call the police, I'm going to tell them you just assaulted me."

Michael told 10 News: "We have court coming up so hopefully it goes to show a little bit of validity to what I've been doing and what I've been saying and dispproving what she's been saying ... It seems to be overlooked when the man is a victim of domestic violence."

Novak was eventually arrested by Pinellas County deputies for the assault.