Celeb chef Nigella Lawson has once again come under fire over her presentation of simple and plain recipes.

After the drama over her Instagram recipe on tomato and salad cream, this time it is viewers of the BBC show, At my Table, who are complaining about the basic "French Toast" and cheesecake demo, following Monday night's episode.

Not so impressed with the egg and bread combination, like always, furious fans took to their favourite medium to vent their frustration. "Seriously Nigella. French toast - stick some bread in a few eggs and fry it! Stop with yer pretentious nonsense!" one of the viewers tweeted.

A second fan mocked, "Eggy bread this week tomatoes on toast last week do you wanna buy my book I'll do a glass of water? Is it me? #Nigella," to which someone else cheekily responded, "Do tomato water. That's often on #MasterChefUK #Nigella."

On the one hand, Lawson's basic recipes for a meal put off some of her viewers, and on the other, a few fans were left unimpressed with the kitchen habits – she was seen wearing a pair of black latex gloves while peeling turmeric.

"Nigella donning black gloves to peel and chop a bit of turmeric," a Twitter user wrote, panning the English gourmet food writer. "She is becoming her own parody. Thrice now she has shown us what to do with a single egg and a bit of bread and sauce. Mama mia. Non molto Italiano."

Lawson, the 57-year-old telly chef famous worldwide for her culinary skills and her countless cookbooks, has been in the news of late because of her six-part BBC2 series. The show not only marks the once freelance English journalist's return to the channel after two years, but also highlights her delicious home recipes.