The SlimROMs team has rolled out SlimKat build 2.6 RC2 based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The RC2 build fixes the bugs spotted on some devices running RC1 build.

Besides, some devices such as Galaxy S3 I9300 and Galaxy Note 2, which were having issues with camera, received major improvements with the new custom build. Apart from the bug fixes, the RC2 adds tons of customised features.

Samsung Galaxy S3
SlimKat build 2.6 RC2 ROM featuring Android 4.4.2 available for Galaxy S3 I9300. Rootingandroidblog

SlimKat build 2.6 RC2 features

New devices: p5100 and p5110

Frameworks base: Fix Derp in Chamber of secrets

Frameworks base: Appears black screen fix for a while

Frameworks base: AssetManager cookies should be int32_t and not void

Frameworks base: Fix dest = src bugs in Matrix.cpp.

Frameworks base: Fixed race condition in Spinner.DialogPopup on null reference.

Frameworks base: [ActivityManager]: Fix the activity visibility state not sync between

Frameworks base: GpsLocationProvider: look for config file in /etc/gps..conf

Frameworks base: Framework: Super advanced Custom Toggle

Frameworks base: implement noise suppression for phone calls

Frameworks base: fb: handle for our navigation bar recentspreload in the button

Frameworks base: SystemUI: Fix missing top task in recent panel.

Frameworks base: fb: handle globalmenu in SlimActions not over Powerbutton anymore

Frameworks base: Perform NTP lookup at Mobile data connections

Frameworks base: fb: unbreak recents animations on thumbnail click or dismiss recents screen

Frameworks base: fb: Handle navbar heights correct on dpi changes + more

Frameworks base: fix search textfield

Frameworks base: fix number picker blue line and highlight

Frameworks base: Fixed cancel() not working correctly

Frameworks base: Fix the issue that the top of fullscreen dialog is clipped away

Frameworks av upstreams

InCallUI: do not use reflection

Bluetooth: roll back phonebook sync changes

Bluetooth: Fix BT failed to enable issue.

Telephony: White emergency dialer

MediaProvider: Allow holders of WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE to write to secondary external storage

Mms: Fix Null pointer expection when Phone is in low memory

Mms: The draft still exists after forwarding mms to the same sender

Mms: Display message type properly for MMS and SMS

Mms: Resize the image in background

ContactsProvider: make lookupAndCacheId() synchronized

Torch: add 2nd sysfs luminosity

Settings: 'When to daydream' dialog does not follow the JB dialog design guide

Settings: Bleed keyguard widget picker list into translucent bars

Settings: Fix memory leak in ManageApplication

Exchange: Fix mismatched function arguments in Contact query

Camera2: add option to prevend autofocus cancel if preview stopped

Camera2: Add an option to maintain the focus mode when using touch-to-focus

DashClock: fix dialog blue divider

Email: trds: fix white bg on email compose for sw600dp

Browser: Implement client-side incognito mode

Browser: Show a startup page in incognito mode

Browser: blue to grey browser's progress bar

Gallery2: gallery: change typo '&&' to '||'

SlimCenter: improve navigation

Bionic: Fix problems with certain games and apps

Bionic: fix toro and toroplus problems

Several translation updates

A lot of device tree upstreams, fixes and enhancements

Click here for SlimKat build 2.6 RC2 device specific changelog for Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 users who wish to update their devices to Android 4.4.2 with SlimKat ROM, may follow our step-by-step guide.

IBTimes UK reminds its readers that it will not be held responsible for any mishap. Before following the installation, users are advised to verify their devices meet following requirements.


1) Install USB Drivers for Galaxy S3 to transfer files between the Android device and the computer.

2) Enable USB Debugging Mode on the phone to connect it with the computer and use Android SDK with it. [Navigate to Settings>> Developer Options to enable USB debugging Mode.]

3) As the tutorial might wipe out all data of the phone, create backup. If the device is having any custom recovery such as ClockworkMod or, TWRP then backup data using the same.

4) If the Android phone powers off due to lack of battery during the process, it could damage the device. Therefore, the Galaxy S3 should have charge above 80% battery charge.

5) The phone should be rooted and have latest version of ClockworkMod recovery. [Click here for our guide to root Galaxy S3.]

6) Android 4.4.2 KitKat SlimKat ROM works only with Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. As applying this to any incorrect variant might brick the device, verify the model number of Galaxy S3 by navigating to Settings>> About phone>> Model number.

Download files

Android 4.4.2 SlimKat build 2.6 RC2 [File name:] [Alternative link]

Gapps file

How to install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 via SlimKat ROM

Step-1: Connect Galaxy S3 to the computer using USB cable then copy the downloaded zip files to the internal storage of the phone. But do not extract/unzip the files

Step-2: Unplug the USB cable from the phone and switch it off

Step-3: Place the phone into CWM recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together. Release all the buttons when the custom recovery menu appears

Note: In recovery mode, use Volume buttons to scroll between options and Power button to select the desired option.

Step-4: Create a Nandroid backup of the existing ROM which can be restored later if the new ROM does not work or users wish to go back to the previous ROM.

Select backup and restore, name the file and confirm the process. Go back to main recovery menu when the backup is completed

Step-5: Perform a Factory Reset. This will wipe all data from system partition, which means the device will lose installed apps data and all the other system files [Factory Reset does not delete contents from internal or external storage.]

Select wipe data/factory reset and confirm the process

Step-6: Install the SlimKat on Galaxy S3.

Select install zip from sdcard then select choose zip from sdcard. Now browse to the location where Android 4.4.2 ROM file is saved. Select it and confirm installation

Step-7: When the ROM is installed, select again choose zip from sdcard and flash Gapps file

Step-8: After the installation process is completed, return to the main recovery menu and reboot the phone into normal mode. Note that the first boot will take a few minutes, therefore, you should not press any button until the home screen of the new ROM appears

Enter the Google Account info when the new home screen appears.

SlimKat build 2.6 RC2 based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat should now be installed and running on the Galaxy S3. Head over to Setting>> About phone to verify the new software version of the device.

If the device enters gets stuck in bootlooop, then perform the tutorial once again. Also apply the format system option and use the format/system option.

If you do not like the new ROM, you may choose the Nandroid ROM backup files created in step-4.

[Source: Android Geeks]