Galaxy S5 most popular smartphone in US
Galaxy S5 is the most popular smartphone in the US Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

Samsung's 2014 Galaxy flagship device, S5 remains the most popular smartphone in the US as of February 2017 with a 15.6% share of the total installed base. It is followed by the S7, which has a 11.5% share of the installed base. The S6 occupies the third place with a figure of 11.4%.

According to latest data shared by market research firm Kantar, about 28% of the entire installed base upgraded to a new Galaxy smartphones and of that 28%, 52% bought that Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, whereas 10% selected the S6.

Some 20% of S7 owners said they planned to upgrade in next 12 months, even 40% S6 owners and 55% of the S5 owners intended to do so. The data also suggests 64% of the S6 owners say they plan to purchase Samsung smartphone again, with 76% of S5 owners plan to do the same.

After Samsung handsets, the next preferred brand for S6 and S5 owners is Apple at 15% and 12%, respectively.

Kantar believes Samsung's newest Galaxy S8 smartphone might not be an iPhone killer. Last year, just 5% Samsung's new consumers switched from an iPhone, with 66% were repeat Samsung consumers and the remaining consumers came from other Android brands. Samsung appeared to be gaining more consumers from its own installed base and other Android brands than it does from Apple.

Kantar also believes Samsung's biggest challenge is neither Note 7 nor Apple, instead "it's finding growth in an ever-changing technological landscape that is focusing more and more on interoperability, the smart home, and how to get consumers to buy into the next 'big thing'".