Samsung launches Galaxy S8, S8+ in China
Samsung launches Galaxy S8 and S8 in China Getty Images/Jung Yeon-JE

Samsung launched a Chinese-specific version of Galaxy S8 on Thursday (25 May) that bundles a bunch of market-exclusive features and enhanced UX, which the company claims would suit the lifestyle of its consumers in the country.

Check out the details below to know more about the features of China-bound model:

Home screen and apps

Chinese consumers can check out weather details and quickly access default apps right from the home screen.

They can also opt for the standard S8 home screen arrangement that features a vertical swiping interface.

To offer the best in entertainment through Samsung Music and Video apps, the company collaborated with Chinese partners. Besides, Samsung Roaming feature lets users manage roaming services when travelling abroad.

The Chinese-language input tool lets users chat using Chinese characters. The Chinese S8 model also has screen recorder functionality.

Chinese-exclusive services

With services such as Samsung Assistant, Yellow Page and Message app, users can perform several tasks. For instance with Samsung Assistant and Yellow Page, users can search for companies or other local services. When booking a train ticket, Samsung Assistant helps users by providing information about traffic delays and departures.

Calendar and Samsung Health app

The Calendar app shows both solar and lunar calendars offline. An additional feature is subscribable calendar that notifies users about various events.

Samsung Health app provides China-specific information such as health-related events, drug and clinic information.


The camera and image editor app packs 40 stamps designed for the Chinese users.

Smart manager

Smart Manger brings three functions; mobile data lets users purchase additional data while App Management gives users more control over their apps. Users also have an option of blocking spam calls and messages.