A member of a US SWAT team. Reuters

GamerGate supporters have fluffed an attempted attack on one of their targets by sending 20 police officers to the wrong house.

Members of 8chan tried to get a SWAT team dispatched to the house of Grace Lynn, who once supported GamerGate, in an act of revenge for her defection (via The Oregonian).

Police in Portland, Oregon, dispatched 20 officers (not a SWAT team) to an address following a call about an armed hostage situation. While they were drawing up a plan to tackle the problem, the Portland Central Precinct received information telling them the call was probably a hoax.

The act of attempting to get a SWAT team falsely sent to someone's house has been dubbed "swatting."

Miss Lynn, a pixel artist, song writer and game designer, tweeted about the incident from her Twitter account.

She also tweeted about another attack.

Referring to Miss Lynn as "it" due to her status as transgender person, their initial plan was to attempt to make both her and fellow game developer Chloe Sagal kill themselves.

Lynn supported the GamerGate movement in its earliest days when it still existed in some form as a stand for ethical video game journalism, but left after seeing it devolve completely into a twisted hate group targeting women in the industry.