As the Gaza conflict continues to claim lives, scores of Israeli women are doing their part to boast the morale of Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers in combat.

Scores of scantily -clad and often naked women have started posting racy images of themselves on a Facebook page entitled "Standing With the IDF – Maintaining a Protective Edge."

The group, created by Gavriel Beyo, hopes to raise the spirits of the troops fighting with messages of support as well as some eye candy.

Within hours of launch the page has gained over 4000 likes and been flooded with images.

From naked selfies to snaps of bottoms inscribed with the letters 'IDF', the sultry campaign proves how imaginative some women can be.

One unidentified poser is seen lying on the floor with her knickers hanging suggestively around her knees.

Beyo explained that he was motivated to create the unusual page after becoming increasingly worried about the morale of the Israeli soldiers caught up in the Israeli-Palestine crisis.

"We have two bountiful resources in Israel that are impossible to compete with, Israeli minds and the most beautiful women in the world," Beyo explained in a Facebook post.

"We also have a military front so... why not combine the two?" he added.

"Besides, what chance does Hamas have in the face of our women?"

Although he admits that the page has sparked controversy, Beyo insists it is all worth it when troops express how much joy the images have brought them.

"Think of these pictures any time it gets hard (in any way...)," Beyo writes. "Remember what you're fighting for and what is waiting for you back home."